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On each episode of the podcast, host Cait Macleod explores a controversial contemporary issue by interviewing guests with opposing opinions.


We tend to gravitate towards people and news sources that share our existing views. Social media aggravates this habit by pushing content that matches our profiles while news outlets favour attention grabbing headlines over subtle conclusions.


The result is a positive feedback loop. When complex questions arise, society divides into teams, each one shouting into an echo chamber. There is little room for nuance, critical reflection or humility.

​The goal of the podcast is to set aside bias, seek the merits and weaknesses in different points of view, sort fact from assumption and find any common ground.



Cait was born in South Africa. She is a former competitive debating champ and Mandela Rhodes Scholar. She is currently based near London where she is a freelance business journalist and writing coach. She is working on her debut novel.

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